Hi there and welcome to my site. My name is Gaz and I created this blog to discuss all things Virginia. Growing up in Parkersberg, I’ve developed a strong love for this beautiful state. As a kid my parents and I would travel all over, driving hours to see some of the beautiful landscapes that this unique area has to offer. Throughout this site I am to discuss in depth about my time spent in this state, and some of my favourite areas to visit if you’re a tourist.

The Theatre in Parkersberg, Virginia
The Theatre in Parkersberg, Virginia

Growing Up in Parkersberg

As I mentioned previously, I grew up in the great City of Parkersberg. Being the third largest city in Virginia, I wasn’t short of things to do growing up. My favourite thing to do was spending time at the Smoot Theatre with my buddies, even if it was expensive. Despite this I already had a burning desire to get out the City and explore, and this kick-started my love for this amazing location.

Thanks for reading my opening post, I hope this helped you gain more of an understanding of myself and what this site is all about.

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